Super 8mm Film

8mm Cassette

VHS Cassette

Super VHS

Mini DV

As you can see from above I have been active with all of the main media formats. My dad would use Super 8mm to capture my family from 1978-1984,
then in the early nineties he bought me a Video 8 camcorder, this began my addiction to filmmaking and creating characters & stories. During
my college years I would move over to VHS & SVHS, late 2000 was when I purchased my first mini DV camera to carry on with my indie filmmaking,
the biggest leap in technology for me personally was in 2010 when I moved over to 1080p High Definition filmmaking with my Canon 5D mark ii.

Even today one of the things that I treasure the most are the memories that was created through a camera and it’s very important we preserve them.

Our prices are:
£10 per tape (0-3 hours digitised)
£12 per tape (4-5 hours digitised)
£15 per tape (6-8 hours digitised)

What’s included:
– We will email you a digital mp4 download link of your tape(s) so you can watch
them on your computer/laptop, stream to your TV & also future proof your tape(s).
– Each tape will be put to DVD (no extra charge)
– If you include a memory stick we will add your files to that & if you want us
to order you in a memory stick, we can do so at the price we buy it for.

If you are unable to drop off to us, we can offer a FREE pick up
& drop off service (in & around Oakham only).

If you live outside of Oakham, but still live in Rutland and need us to pick up &
drop off there will be an additional £10 fuel charge.

Most of the tapes we convert are 20-30 years old, so we must cover ourselves
with a couple of things, firstly, we can’t be held accountable if a tape has
deteriorated to the point it snaps or if the tape has a tracking issue, in most cases we
can fix the tape & we will do our very best to give you the best digitisation possible, but
on the rare occasion some tapes are just too far gone.

In regards to tapes recorded in LONG PLAY, we have noticed that there is a
huge loss in quality, so please bare that in mind if you want us to go ahead
with digitising Long Play recordings.

We don’t charge for any blank tapes, nor do we charge
if we come across a tape that is full of classic films or tv programs.

We won’t ask for payment till we know how many tapes we’ve digitised,
then you can pay via PayPal (Friends/Family) Bacs before drop off, or cash on drop off.

All tapes will be returned on drop off delivery & depending
on how busy we get & how many tapes you need converting,
we’re currently aiming for a 1 week turnaround.

Any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to get in touch…

If you have any Super 8mm reels that you
need digitising, we will soon be offering this service shortly,
so we will add your name to our list.