Below is a list of our most Frequently Asked Questions

How do I trust you?
We think this is the most important question & the one most people will be
asking, with us not having a permanent shop, this makes the process for YOU all the more
riskier, so let us put your mind at ease… my wife Katie work for a Peterborough primary school
& I have just recently finished working for a local primary school here in
Oakham, so both me & Katie are enhanced DBS checked, we are also very
good friends with Chris over at ‘RUTLAND GUITAR SCHOOL’ who (hopefully)
will vouch for us as being swell people.

How do I make an order?
We want to make the process as simple as possible, so if you can email us your
specifications, what tape format, each of your tapes run time, how many tapes you want converted,
your address for us to pick the tape(s) up, or if you want to drop them off to us.

How do I make a payment?
You can pay via Bacs, Paypal, or cash, whatever works best for you, we will only
request payment after we know exactly how many tapes we have digitised.

How do you get the tapes?
If you can’t get the tapes to us and if you live in the Oakham area, we are more than
happy to pick them up from you, and if you live outside of Oakham, but still within Rutland,
we can pick up & drop off for a £10 fuel charge.

How do I get the tapes back?
As soon as we’ve converted your tapes, we will arrange a drop off time
or for you to pick them up from us.

What if I have blank tapes?
This can easily happen and if we do come across any
blank tapes, we won’t charge you for them,

What happens if my tape is damaged?
We have some experience at saving old tapes and we will do our best,
if we’re unsuccessful, we will let you know.

We are dealing with old technology & also old tapes, so we can’t be held responsible
for any tapes that do get damaged in the process of digitising, but if a tape did snap, we
would do our best to fix it.

Can I have a DVD copy?
This comes as standard, we will put your tapes to DVD at no extra charge.

Can I have all the files on a flash drive?
You sure can, if you can include a memory stick with your tapes, we will
add your files to it, alternatively we can order you in a memory stick at cost.

How do I download my mp4 file?
We will email you a download link, and then they will be saved to your
pc, mac or laptop.

How do I view my mp4 file?
Your computer, will have a way of viewing video files, and if you struggle,
we will be happy to talk you through the process.

If I don’t live local can I post you the tape(s)?
One of the reasons we have set up a local digitising service is to make sure that no tapes
get lost, but… if you do want to use our service, we’d highly recommend you sending your tapes
recorded, so that we can minimise the risk.

Do you offer any editing services?
We certainly do, creative editing is our speciality and you can visit our media site
‘INDYWOOD MEDIA’ for video examples. You may have clips of a birthday or special event
you’d like editing into a special 2-3 minute video, if so, we can do that for you.

Do you offer Filming services?
We do indeed, if you have any filmmaking requirements, please just
send us an email & we will then be able to work out a personalised quote.

If you have any questions not answered here,
please get in touch with us at